Dec. 18, 2020

Call for Second Wave COVID-19 Papers

Call for Second Wave COVID-19 Papers
Dear past, present, and future authors at Obesity,
As proven by many recent studies published in Obesity in response to our call for papers, individuals with obesity are at high risk for severe complications of COVID-19, causing an extra health burden. We also published a number of papers on the underlying biologic mechanisms for the adverse outcomes in persons with obesity and COVID-19. These papers described the inflammatory and immunologic issues associated with obesity as factors in poor outcomes.
We would now like to turn our attention to whether patients with obesity have increased or prolonged viral shedding and are more resistant to effective vaccination. These issues and others mandate that we all conduct research to better understand the implications of COVID-19 in persons with obesity.
As the official journal of The Obesity Society and the premier source of information for obesity research and discovery from basic to population science, Obesity seeks submission of scientific data on the following topics:
  • Impact of obesity on SARS CoV 2 viral shedding
  • Efficacy of COVID-19 vaccination in people with obesity
  • Response to various COVID-19 therapies in persons with obesity
  • Mechanisms of vaccine protection in relation to obesity
  • Specific COVID-19 prevention strategies in persons with obesity
Please submit your work here: Contact the Editorial Office at with any questions.
Eric Ravussin, Editor in Chief & Donna Ryan, Associate Editor in Chief