Apr. 14, 2021

Photo credit, hnd . chief Acevedo and communicator partner dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson

Chief Art Acevedo, before leaving for Miami from Houston as new police chief, told HOUSTON channel 2 investigate journalist , that he was done with him, as Acevedo defended the hard work of his men and women in the uniform.
in the very combative meeting, Art Acevedo said, Houston should get ready for 500 homicides though he never gave the time frame during which they will happen under the new police chief.
Channel 2 produced a sort of documentary to counter that produced by mayor Turner during the send-off of chief art Acevedo, showing how chief Acevedo was there for Houston when they needed him most.
While the channel 2 production looked like, an opportunity to praise chief Finner over Acevedo, many objective communicators believe that Finner worked with Acevedo as executive vice chief and should also share in the criticisms, blames, and successes.
No one person can police a mighty city like Houston successfully not even all the workers in channel 2.
As chief Finner says, let the talking reduce and let all of Houston go to work to address homicides and other crimes.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson Internationa; leader and communicator, certified professional and expert in global health [USA]. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.

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