Nov. 10, 2022

International political Analyst Dr. Ntuba Akwo says Midterms elections 2022 in the USA disappoints

The Republican party went to the Midterms elections 2022 in the USA believing the was going to be a red wave but are very disappointed with the results they are getting so far with Fetterman beating Trump backed famous television physician, Dr. Oz in an offset flipping a republican held seat in Pennsylvania.
The Republicans have not picked as many seats in the House races to give them a super majority and many are beginning to belief what GOP senator McConnel said about the quality of the Republican candidates.
Some Trump backed candidates are doing fine but overall, many believed that Donald Trump is having a negative impact on the republican party.
Georgia governor Kempt who Trumps campaigned against won reelection defeating African American, Stacey Abrams, showing that Trump has little hold on the, Electorates in Georgia just like in Florida where. Governor Desantis performance. Shows. that Trump does not control Florida.
Trump backed Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas handily beat democratic challenger Beto O'Rourke, killing the precocious talk of turning Texas blue.
The Republicans may win the congress with single digits advantage giving them the opportunity to set the agenda and hold chairs of major house committees and that is what will be important to be, or world be speaker McCarthy not the rest of foolish talk about. supper majorities.
The has not been many surprises in the 2022 midterms elections in the USA.
President Joe Biden has not hurt his party in any way and would be set to begin 2024 presidential reelection campaign.
Trump has not helped the Republicans and may be a great problem for them going to the 2024 elections. if he announces a run for GOP primaries and wins the Republican nomination.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.

Oct. 27, 2022

Christian leaders from Africa, Europe, and North America unify on climate change and hunger ahead of COP27

At convocations on climate and hunger, held 18-19 October and 21 October, Christian leaders from Africa, Europe, and North America came together in various locations and in diverse ways to pray and work for solutions to the global hunger crisis made worse by climate change.
DanChurchAid, a member of the ACT Alliance, is helping families in Akobo with food and livelihood projects aimed at lowering vulnerability and increasing food security at a time when the arrival of many newly displaced families increased competition in the community over scarce food resources. Growing a wider variety of vegetables is an important part of the program, which it carries out in partnership with Nile Hope, a South Sudanese organization. Photo: Paul Jeffrey / Life on Earth Pictures
27 October 2022

The first convocation, held in Nairobi, addressed “Global Faith Voices in Kenya, Listen and Learn: Addressing Hunger Through Climate Smart Agriculture.”

The second convocation was a gathering centered on prayer, exploring solutions, and advocacy.

During an opening prayer, Fr Philemon Zulu said: “Together, we share a fierce resolve to stand and work together to end the hunger crisis made worse by climate instability, to renew your creation, and to bring our planet into balance, forming a beloved community in which all of creation can thrive. We center our gathering around climate Justice as our means for furthering this resolve.”

The gathering released a statement, “A Faithful Voice on Hunger and Climate Justice,” in which they expressed a fierce resolve to stand and work together.

"To address the hunger crisis made worse by climate change, we draw from the wellsprings of our Christian faith,” the statement reads. “We recognize Christ’s suffering presence in the communities hurt first and hardest by climate change: those without adequate means to flourish, the historically underserved, and those least likely to have a voice at the table where policy decisions are made – the very people who suffer disproportionately even as their contribution to global emissions is almost negligible.”

The convocations were organized by Bread for the World in partnership with many faith-based partners and non-governmental organizations.

Oct. 25, 2022

The USA midterms elections 2022 is tricky and slippery as al USA past elections and politics .
Many are asking if faith leaders of the Republican party like Franklin Graham should be using God,s names for partisan politics that gave America Donald Trump for president ?.
In the Social Psychology conference in New Olearns , participants were told that political sociologists who studied political behaviors in the USA , have noticed that Democrats have resorted to using the games and strategies of the Republicans to beat them in their own games .
Houston Democratic leaning and supporting Bishop Dixon of the NAACP appointed by democrat Lina Hildago to the post of Chairman of the NRG is doing all in his power to play social justice debvelopment political communication with the fight for democracy campaigns .
The unsuspecting would be surprise to hear Al Green say vote all democratic candidates on the ticket as if all democratic candidates in the 2022 midterm elections are fit to be elected and or returned to office .
It should be noted that certain democratic candidates stayed away from the campaign though they are the brain behind them because of possible questions from those who know why certain events take place during elections seasons .
Though the NAACP is suppose to be non partisan and an umbrella for all parties where blacks associate , fight for democracy rally looked more like a Houston Texas Democratic event using NAACP and the Church Bishop who may and may not be representing the Church of Christ in Partisan political speeches like those said on said day .
While some blame democrats for using the misery of blacks and or minorities to remain as congress persons for 30 years and above , most of the so called tax break money that Trump made was used to create minimum wage jobs which white Americans never apply for nor want to do .
As Americans continue to cast early votes for 2022 midterm elections , confusion and manipulations are going on using campaign contributions and God may not be on the ballot as many are fooled to believe .
The other parties accuse Democrats and Republicans for the mess that is the president day USA hyper partisan politics and calls on Americans to fight for Democracy by voting out both parties .
Like the present Confusion in the UK where in just a few weeks, Britain has had three prime ministers , the USA politics where the popular votes winner in presidential elections has not become president like Hilary Clinton and Al Gore may just be heading to a different direction with the storming of the capitol by Republican inspired Rhetoric.
All parties are calling for Americans to fight for democracy though the major parties are accused for killing democracy .
Politicans in the USA like those in Africa have found that even pastors love appointed positions and power and are helping them " Fight for Democracy " .
DR . NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON International Political leader, Physician and Communicator . Editor Healthndevelopment magazine and Media

Oct. 25, 2022

Oct. 23, 2022

Honarable Jackie Baly a greater Houston leader and Sugar Land pro-term mayor who also teaches in the University of Houston and runs a consulting company besides her media work , recently addressed a come together under the alliance of the American Dental association at the Houston Hilton Hotel during the ADA 2022 Annual meeting in Texas .

Honorable Baly took a Bi-partisan approach in her presentation on the future of legislation related to dental practice post USA 2022 midterms elections .

She believes that both parties mean well for the Oral health of Americans but cannot always agree on the strategies to get that done , though a number of bi-partisan legislations have been passed in congress that protects Oral and dental practices in the USA .

She calls for less divisive politics from both sides while saying that it is most likely the republicans will win the majorities in the USA house of representative while questioning the timing of the Inflation act by president Biden , which has lots of Climate and environmental pollution control money , which was and continues to be criticized by Republcians as big government spending .

She talked about school loans and thinks that , it does not serve all Americans especailly those who also had school loans like others and have worked hard to repay . The school loan forgiveness program is actually the use of tax payers money to take care of the loans of others , though democrats have defended the program saying , it is the minorities who are always burdened with excessive post education or college school loans that makes it difficult and a challenge to begin life after school on the same level with the White population that most times have parents who can pay off their loans for them .

Baly a republican politician who was appointed into state offices by governor Gregg Abbot and Former Governor and Energy Secretary Perry does not shy away from her republican positions and policies which she thinks are good for all Americans .


Dr . Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader, Physician and Communicator . Editor of HealthnDevelopment magazine and Media .

Jun. 17, 2022

GOP Houston 2022 Convention delegate Casundra Brown on convention issue of Interest.

Texas federation of Republican women and are part of the presence and representatio0n at the Republican Texas Convention in the city of Houston , June 2022 building strong leaders for Texas like Minister Kasundra Brown , a delegate leader from district 23.
Delegate brown is concerned about the miseducation of the black folks , especially through the teaching of critical race theory to kids in Schools .
Ms. Brown says that critical race theory has a negative impact om black kids , making them feel inferior to whites and should be discontinued .She believes that the policies of the republican party are good for black Americans and should be supported as she ask her people to think for themselves instead of just following the crowd or what ever liberal democrats tell them to do .
Delegate brown detailly explained to Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson of health and development magazine and media how certain politicians are exploiting African Americans with ideologies and practices that does not help them as a people or race , disarming them in the process ..
She said African American values are conservative in the most part but blacks do not always vote their values .
She also said the best defense against bad guys with guns is good guys with guns .
Ms. Brown practices what she teaches from the Bible and calls on the United states to return to those values that have kept the country together unlike homosexuality and abortions which are destroying the communities .