Jun. 17, 2022

GOP Houston 2022 Convention delegate Casundra Brown on convention issue of Interest.

Texas federation of Republican women and are part of the presence and representatio0n at the Republican Texas Convention in the city of Houston , June 2022 building strong leaders for Texas like Minister Kasundra Brown , a delegate leader from district 23.
Delegate brown is concerned about the miseducation of the black folks , especially through the teaching of critical race theory to kids in Schools .
Ms. Brown says that critical race theory has a negative impact om black kids , making them feel inferior to whites and should be discontinued .She believes that the policies of the republican party are good for black Americans and should be supported as she ask her people to think for themselves instead of just following the crowd or what ever liberal democrats tell them to do .
Delegate brown detailly explained to Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson of health and development magazine and media how certain politicians are exploiting African Americans with ideologies and practices that does not help them as a people or race , disarming them in the process ..
She said African American values are conservative in the most part but blacks do not always vote their values .
She also said the best defense against bad guys with guns is good guys with guns .
Ms. Brown practices what she teaches from the Bible and calls on the United states to return to those values that have kept the country together unlike homosexuality and abortions which are destroying the communities .

Jun. 17, 2022

The president of the Texas Minority Coalition , Stanley Cofer is a delegate at the Texas republican party convention 2022 taking place in the city of Houston at the George Brown Convention center and spoke with the editor of Healthndevelopment magazien and media , Dr .Akwo Ntuba Thompson on three important issues of this time and season in American politics and life.
Faith is very important he says and went back to the founding of the USA , on Judeo-Christian values , world views and traditions , putting God in the center point of the founding of the nation .Minister Cofer belief that the democratic left has pushed out faith in American politics and way of lifer and the nation is suffering the consequences .
To the conservative party minister delegate at their Texas convention 2022 , the is a mis -understanding of the separation of Church and state or religion and politics doctrine in the USA.
Minister Cofer beliefs that the first amendment protects the holding of religious beliefs and practice there of by all residents in the USA .
Family issues are the second major concern to Cofer whop says the is a family crisis in America . He cites statistics that says a huge percentage of African American children are born out of marriage with single parents raising children , a situation that affects the household incomes of minorities especially blacks forcing single parents to do multiple jobs to cater for the needs of their families .
Minister Cofer blames the left or democrats for promoting policies that break the family structures and institutions and contributing to the problems of families .
Freedom as an issue to him is centered around a number of things like teaching history to kids at school . He disagrees with the predominantly black liberal democratic leadership that advocates for the teaching of Critical race theory in schools , saying the Texas minority coalition is for the teaching of the whole or totality American history not some sections of and or part . Cofer believes that emphasizing on the race part of the history and the negative effects on the minority blacks creates a victim mentality in the kids who see them selves as inferior to others and victims . Minister Cofer says blacks and whites stood side by side historically to fight against slavery .
The Texas minority coalition he leads , is working on the issues alluded , mitigating the consequences on the minority communities .
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international political leader , Physician and Communicator . Certified professional and expert Global health USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents

Sep. 25, 2021

House Budget Committee to Consider Democrats’ Plan for Trillions in Taxes & Spending

Jul. 27, 2021

Smith Floor Remarks on Reckless
Spending in Democrat FY22 Minibus


As Prepared for Delivery

Madam Speaker,
We are debating a spending bill under a budget that does not exist. Six months into Joe Biden’s presidency and Congress still has not passed a budget for fiscal year 22.
In fact, Democrats have been in the majority for nearly 1,000 days, and they have failed to pass anything close to a real budget. 
In the bill before us today, Democrats want to give Washington bureaucrats an average raise of 21 percent. Their plan will fuel a massive growth in red tape that will harm businesses, raise the cost of living on workers and families, and give Washington more control over our lives. 
But notice what they’ve left out.
Where’s money to protect our homeland? Where’s funding for our men and women in uniform?
Perhaps our colleagues have not brought those bills to the floor because they are ashamed to face the American people and explain why they want to flatline our defense budget. Or how, during the worst immigration crisis in 20 years, they don’t want to find an additional dollar for border security. 
I suppose this shouldn’t surprise us. Democrats have been very clear about their objectives. 
While we’re debating a raise for bureaucrats, the Senate is figuring out how to abuse the budget process to spend at least $3.5 trillion on a socialist agenda – amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, subsidies for wealthy environmentalists, forcing states to expand Medicaid, and tax increases for working Americans while giving tax breaks for the wealthy. 
This is the first year in the last decade without a spending cap agreement and look what’s happening. Without missing a beat, Democrats are opening the flood gates to reckless new spending. 
And while they argue over how many trillions to spend, we are just days away from reaching our debt limit. 

Democrats have ignored runaway government spending this year and look what is happening – Americans are paying more at the pump and in the checkout line than they have in years. 

The debate around our nation’s debt limit provides Congress with the opportunity to seriously address runaway government spending and rising inflation. 

But as we see here today, Democrats would rather bypass the budget process and talk about their liberal wish list than the inflation their out-of-control spending has caused. 

Click below to watch House Budget Committee Republican Leader Smith’s full remarks: