Jul. 10, 2021

Church history is simply the history of the church from it,s inception or start , and the evolution and changes to present day ..
The work of the church is based on the great commission from Christ in Mathew 18 . Going to the world, teaching about the kingdom and making disciples . Central to that commission was the work of Christ among the sent .
The are many who belief that the church started with the coming of the Holy spirit in acts 2 and the preaching of the gospel or good news of the Kingdom to present day .
The history began with documentation of the outreach preaching work of the disciples as the first evangelists to their surrounding people , cultures and environments .
The missionary activities started first then , the need to organize and disciple the converts in organized church fellowships or bodies and developing the converts through exposition and laid down doctrines .
The effects of the church in the different people groups and cultures are documented , the successes and failures of the church are also documented .
Different denominations have focused on their own histories when narrating the growth and evolution of the church .
Roman catholic , Eastern orthodox , Protestants , Evangelicals and the Charismatic Pentecostals all have recorded historical happenings and doctrinal emphasis as part of historical theology .