Second COVID-19 Webinar Recording Available Now

Thank you for your support of our COVID-19-themed social and behavior change communication webinars this week. Again, we had hundreds join us for this morning’s event, just as we did on Tuesday.
In case you missed it, here’s a link to the recording of today’s webinar, where we answered critical questions on COVID-19 and Risk Communication and Community Engagement that we, as a community of SBCC practitioners, are facing in response to this pandemic. You can also view a recording of Tuesday’s webinar here.
We know these are challenging times and we want to thank you for staying engaged.
Here are some additional resources that may be helpful: Looking forward to seeing you at the 2020 International SBCC Summit in Marrakech, Morocco from Oct. 19 to 23. If you haven't already, you can register to attend the Summit here.
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Mayor of Fortworth honors Kenneth Copeland ministries at 50th anniversary celebrations .

Bernie Sanders and others participates at NAACP legislative workshop 2017

Hiv/aids science paris conference 2017 press conference on Next generation prevention and treatments .

President Trump grant audience to Egyptian president in his first foreign visit .

President Trump address Arab-Muslim America summit 2017 .

President speaks at wreath laying ceremony in Israel in first foreign trip 2017.

President Trump visits Abbas in Bethlehem .

President Erdorgan of Turkey visit,s the white house USA

Palm sunday 2017 celebrated around the world .

National facilities management and technology opening session .

National facilites management and technology conference holds in Baltimore 2017

The hospital and health facilities management and technology companies and personnel will be participating in the Baltimore 2017 national facilities management and technology conference from the 7th of March 2017 . Many exhibitors will be having their products at the exhibit hall . The are more than a hundred workshop sessions planned for the event .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

President Donald Trump address joint congress of the USA 2017

2017 national governor association winter meeting panel discuss health care solution

Sarah Kliff , senior editor of Vox moderated a panel of former governors discussion under the theme " Negociating a health care solution ". The former governors included , Haley Barbour of Mississippi , Jim Douglas of Vermont , Jim Hodge , South Carolina and Ben Nelson of Nebraska .
They agreed that the states be allowed to formulate what works for each , while assuring the nation that a bipartisan approach will be used in addressing the health care repeal and replace negociations .
The states are known as the laboratories of democracy and they should be allowed to have flexibility in the health care work .
The position of former congress president John Boerner was discussed . The belief that republican congress men and women would not agree on what approach to take to replace the affordable care act .
The need for a transition period was advised to make sure that the insurance markets donot collapse because of fluctuations and fear .
Dr Akwo , Ntuba Thompson

American craft show celebrates 75 years in Baltimore 2017 show .

American craft show 2017 takes place at the Baltimore convention from the 24-26 of February .The 75 years of existence from around 1940 makes for celebration . The craft council has a special poster for the celebrations in it,s February/march magazine the American craft . The poster reads , We belief in a world where everyone is inspired to live a creative life .
We belief human beings are born to make things . We belief making connects us all -in our families , our communities , around the world , and through out history .
We belief that , in the modern world , making matters more than ever .
We belief tapping into our creativity shows us new possibilities .
Like our founder Aileen Osborn Webb , we belief a good life is found only where the creative spirit abounds .
We belief in the freedom to make mistakes , to fail , to learn , to grow.
We belief the history of craft is the history of what makes us human .
And we wonder : what will we make next ?
Dr Akwo , Thompson Ntuba

New England Patriots win superbowl 2017

New England patriots won the 2017 superbowl played at the NRG stadium in Houston Texas , defeating Atlanta Falcons 34-28 .

NBC4 January 2017 Health& Fitness expo DC USA .

Mayor Catherine Pugh and Baltyimore city celebrate Dr King day 2017.

Transportation reseach board 2017 annual meeting .

Obesity week of the Obesity society and the American academy of metabolic and bariatric surgery kicked off today Monday the 31st of October 2016 at the Ernest Morial convention center , down town New Orleans .
Monday to Tuesday have preconference schedule slated and from Wednesday to Friday have the scientific sessions , expo hall meetings with exhibitors in the industry .
A number of social events are , Tuesday welcome reception at the Mardi Gras world for entertainment and connection .
The international reception and award ceremony will take place at 6;15pm-7;15pm at the lounge , ground floor Ernest Morial convention center.
Register at their website.
Dr Akwo, Thompson Ntuba

Benefits of attedning obesity week 2016 and Obesity prevention .

The Obesity week 2016 has kicked off at the Ernest Morial convention center , down town New Orleans la on Monday the 31st . American society of metabolic and Bariatric surgery and the Obesity society are have jointly put together this meeting with a number of benefits including net working , exchange of ideas and getting to know what is new as stated by Dr P, Enochs in the video , who also gave a number of preventive mechanisms put in place to help those who are over weight and or Obese .
Dr Enochs was clear that the BMI , that is the Basal metabolic index is used to indicate who is Obese or not .
The meeting runs from the 31st of October to the 5th of November 2016.
A number of medical societies are partners in this event including , American heart association , American Society for nutrition ,Engineering in medicine and Biology Society , international federation for the Surgery of Obesity and metabolic disorders , Obesity medicine association .
You can learn more and be registered at their website
. DrAkwo, Thompson Ntuba

First of it,s kind treatment , Ibalizumab benefits patients with multi-drug resistant HIV.

On Friday , October 28 press conference of IDWeek 2016, Ibalizumab the recent and latest advance in HIV treatment was presented , a biologic medication that appears to benefit patients who are resistant to all hiv medications according to a phase 3 research study from QUEST Research , San Francisco .
It is the first long-acting antiretroviral treatment , as well as the first biologic medication for hiv.
In the study presented by Jay LalezarI MD , and moderated by Daniel R Kuritzkes M.D Brigham and women ,s hospital and Harvard medical school , Boston , 83percent of the patients were helped by the treatment with more than half achieving significant reductions in viremia .
The highlighted abstract is Titles ; LB-6 Primary Efficacy Endpoint and Safety Results of Ibalizumab[IBA] in a Phase 3 study of Heavily Treatment-Experience d Patients with Multi-Drug Resistant [MDR] HIV-1 Infection .
Dr. Akwo , Thompson Ntuba

Infectious disease [ID] week holds in New Orleans La .
The 5th infectious disease week has kicked off in the Ernest Morial convention center down town New Orleans under the Theme "ADVANCING SCIENCE , IMPROVING HEALTH ".
The meeting features current principles and practice in epidemiology , diagnosis , treatment , and prevention of infectious diseases around the globe affecting all ages .
The society for health care epidemiology [SHEA] , HIV medicine association [hivma], Pediatrics infectious diseases society and infectious disease society of America [IDSA] are the organisations that come together during this week , and assemble and leverage their broad expertise and diverse membership , helping health care professionals from of multidisciplinary backgrounds to learn from each other,s knowledge , experience , and expertise to improve patient care and public health .
The meeting runs from the 26-30th of October 2016 registration can be done at their website or on site at the convention center . Click on the global health icon and hiv/aids section of our website to read more and also check the conference website at , .
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba

American society of landscape architects annual meeting address diversity .

The American association of landscape architects is holding it,s annual meeting and expo 2016 in the city of New Orleans La from the 21-24th of October 2016 . Activities include two general sessions on Saturday and Sunday , field sessions , Workshops, Educational sessions including the expo hall where participants meet vendors ,
James Richards , Williams Johnson and Peter Walker did the general session on Saturday the 22nd on the Subject ," Shared wisdom :Legacy, practice and partnership .
In the sundAY GENERal session titled " Designing for Diversity /Diversity in design", Ron Sims ,deputy secretary for housing and Urban development, Diana Fernandez, Kona Gray, Mark Rios , and Lucinda Sanders discussed the importance of fostering diversity in design and urban policy as members of a panel.
A number of sessions relating health and landscaping presented are , Architects of healing; Mending life and landscape in a broken World , Highest design for a therapeutic garden , and living with Autism ; Case studies in residential community design .
On Monday the 24th , Concussion : How recreational sports design surfaces and platforms have changed in light of CTE discovered by Dr Bennet Omulu is a must attend .
Read more from their website WWW.ASLAMEETING2016.COM
Dr THompson Akwo Ntuba .

Physiatrist , Toni Willis MD of HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation hospital on her practice

Dr. Toni Willis , medical director of HEALTHSOUTH Rehabilitation Hospital Bedford Texas is attending the 2016 annual assembly of the American academy of physical medicine and rehabilitation in New Orleans LA .
She gave some wisdom on how to go about the practice of ​Physiatry especially in the context of a stroke and why the specialty is as good paying like the others , especially compared to primary practice .
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba

American academy of physical medicine and rehabilitation [AAPM&R] is holding it s annual meeting at the Ernest Morial convention center down town New Orleans , with meetings also taking place at the River Hilton hotel .
These practitioners who treat in the most part with non invasive procedures , problems related to the brain , spinal cord , muscles , bones , ligaments and pain in general will listen to peer experts and others from the civil city especially during the plenary sessions .
A number of specialized workshops are already taking place like the use of Ultra sound in their practice .
Register at www.aapmr.or/annual
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

Diversity in membership a tool for enhanced services Revolution .

The national association of community pharmacists enter it,s last day of official conference activities today Tuesday the 19th with a number of activities starting with the NCPA foundation Sunrise breakfast in the Hilton Hotel New Orleans Riverside sponsored by Cardinal health and a product breakfast sponsored by Neighbor Pharmacy at room, 344-345 at the Morial convention center .
The chief executive officer of the association in a very insightful speech presented the state of the union , enumerating the challenges the organization faces and the opportunities available to members and the organisation as a whole , stating firmly as the leader he is, that the organisation is ready to lead the enhanced services movement or what he described as the Revolution underway .
Workshops presented earlier under the heading of prescribing wellness and drug abuse management and diabetes education training equips the community pharmacist to be involved in the health team in the community , providing health care that their training equips them to do and the success of which is partly founded on the diversity of the organization .
As many of the participants are either first-time attendees with different perspectives, culture, and values or internationals from different continents like Africa[Nigeria , Cameroon ] , Europe , South America , Asia and India.
Collective efforts over a long period of time but in a persistent and patient manner like Watering the newly planted Bamboo will bring results to the enhanced services movement .
Read more from their website
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

National community pharmacists association holds 2016 annual meeting in New Orleans .

The national community pharmacist association [NCPA] is holding it,s 2016 annual convention in the city of New Orleans LA , with thousands expected too be in attendance including industry exhibitors .
The association represents the interests of America,s community pharmacists , including the owners of more than 22,000 independent community pharmacies .
They represent more than average of $81.4 billion health care market place with about 314, 000 employees on full and or part times bases.
To register for the meeting go to .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

The National Black MBA Association INC over three days from Sunday -Tuesday , October 9-11 ran the Certify NOW program for those seaking to pass the PMP[Project management professional] and CAPM [Certified associate in project management] exams as part of it,s 2016 conference and expo program .
They continued on Wednesday , October the 12 with Leadership institute and marketing summit , including a leadership institute keynote luncheon and reception .
CVS Health sessions, dealt with leadership behaviors and ways of thinking in harmony with todays new work place environment , need to upgrade existing knowledge , skills and attitude for success in health and other businesses .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

The national black MBA inc is holding it,s 38th annual conference and expositionat the Morial convention center down Town, in the city of New Orleans from the 11th of October with thousands expected to be in attendance . The organisation continues to be in the forefront of leadership development and success in business especialy within the black community . The job Expo is also an opportunity for black professioanls in business administration and leadership to meet potential employers and business owners . Register the web site for the event . Dr AkWO Thompson Ntuba

The American public health association annual meeting 2016

​The American public health association will be holding it,s annual meeting 0f 2016 at the convention center downtown Denver Colorado from the 30th of October 2016 .
A number of global health experts and practitioners will be in attendance . Similar to the 2015 annual meeting where the present Surgeon general spoke on the importance of information and inspiration in creating behavioural changes in individual and community levels for healthy outcomes, the opening session of 2016 has great leaders in health prevention , promotion and policy work lined up .
During the opening general session of 2016 ,the president of Planned parenthood federation of the united states Cecile Richards will address the participants alongside, the governor of the state of Colorado .
Dr. Frieden , the director general of the center for disease control [CDC] in Atlanta will also be speaking in one of the general sessions .
You can register for the event at
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

Great water cities creating the future of water .

leaders in the field of water around the world had a panel discussion during the water environment federation technical educational conference held at the Morial convention center downtown New Orleans Louisianna .
They discussed the need for the world cities to start putting much money in desalination so that water security of the future is assured .
The need for work to be done so that the leaders would have left a legacy was also highlighted .
Dr.​ Akwo Thompson Ntuba

Mitch Landrieu , New Orleans mayor address WEFTEC 2016 .

Mayor Landrieu of New Orleans who was mayor since 2010, replacing mayor Ray Nagin , addressed the participants of the water and environment federation at their technical educational conference on the 26th of September at about 8,40 am .
He narrated the challenges his city faced after what he described as the greatest man made disaster , hurricane Katrina . The massive destruction of the city infrastructure and the rebuilding process put in place . He cited the case of five residents who were trained by the Delgado community college and put to work in the water field through the search and water board with money that came from general electric and the city government .
He lauded the triumphant spirit of his city and people in their effort to come out of the ruins Katrina left behind .
He called on who ever becomes the next president of the united states , saying he or she should immediately go to work with congress to rebuild the infrastructure of the united states , in the process building jobs and opportunity .
He asked the participants to learn resilience from the example of the people of New Orleans while wishing them success and pleasant stay in his city . Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

Water and environment professionals hold annual conference WEFTEC16 in New Orleans .

New Orleans will be hosting the annual conference of water and environment professionals at the down town convention center from the 25th of September . This is the biggest global water quality event with participants expected to come from Europe , Asia , South America and Africa .Read reports of the conference on our news an or environment sections of the magazine online .
Register at
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

His excellency Peter Thomson , a Fijian was on the 13th of September 2016 elected as the president of the general assembly of the united nations . He was vice president of the assembly during the 2011-2012 period . He has addressed the press and media in New York following his election and taking the oath of office , being the first to ever go through that process. He made reference to the code of ethics put in place to assure transparency in the operations of the UN .
He announced a new process has been put in place in the nomination of a new sectary general with nominations expected to start coming in by October 2016.
He intends to make the realization of the sustainable development goals , universal agenda to transform our world the focus of his tenure .
The climate change agenda , security council reforms , working with the security council to continue the sanctions on North Korea as it relates to their continuous testing of missiles inspite of UN sanctions priorities areas .
The united nations will for the first time in it,s history hold a migration summit on Monday the 19, after announcing the integration of the international organisation of Migration [IOM] as one of it,s many agencies .
The discussions of the 71st general assembly can be followed at .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

President Barack Obama and democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will address the 39th edition of the congressional hispanic institute awards galla on the Thursady the 15 of septemebr 2016 .
Celebrity , award winning actor , , veteran , singer , film maker and Phillantropist J W CORTES will emcee the night event which will start with the singing of the national anthem by Miami based high school student Juliet Honor Pere with entertainment by Trio Ellas and Wayne foster music entertainment .

San Japan 2016 was full of Japan" anime" richness.

Thousands attended the 2016 San Japan event at the Gonzales B convention center downtown San Antonio from 2-4, of September .
Majority where young adults mostly in high
school or early college years , who were seen in very rich regalias and costumes .
The costumes represented many cultures , including American , European , Asian , latin Americ and Africa with a lot of activities including performances by star animators and entertainers .
San Japan continues to showcase Japanese culture through anime . Read more from their website
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

Tolerance needed for healthy interdependence and mutual coexistence .

2016 presidential elections continue to be very polarizing with few issues dominating the discussion , including immigration, religion ,terrorism security , time for woman president.
The Muslim leaders who participated in the just democratic national convention in 2016 believe the Quran is not responsible for the terrorism that is done around the world , claiming even the prophet of Islam lived in peace with his neighbors .
Black girls vote leaders and members surrounding the Rev Dr JC JACKSON say black girls vote , a sign of minority women political empowerment .
If people will consider integrity and the temperament of the contestants for the 2016 presidential elections in the USA , they will make wise decisions as they cast their votes in the coming months for a free and tolerant USA. Dr Thomposn Akwo Ntuba

One of the 10 biggest group purchasing organisations[GPO] in the USA, HEALTHTRUST is holding it,s university conference and fair in the Gonzales B convention center down town San Antonio Texas from the 29-31 of august 2016 .
Group purchasing organizations was started in 1910 by the hospital bureau of New York . They leverage purchasing power of their clients to obtain discounts from their vendors .
Health care supply chains associations continue to do much good in the health care industry though some health industries wish they were dealing with the clients directly , which may include hospital s, health systems , nursing homes and others . More information on Health Trust can be gotten from it,s website at
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

Red hat society empowers women to be productive past the age of 50 years .

Exalted Queen mother, founder Sue Ellen Cooper who was born in Sioux and her leadership of other queens are at it again. This time in the city of San Antonio, at the River center Marriott hotel for their 2016 convention of the RED HAT SOCIETY Inc . Not often do we see thousands of women of great diversity gathered in the united states showing love through Fun and friendship activities and events . Miraculous we would say , for an organization that is said to have started in in 1998 or thereabout to have more than 70,000 members in it,s ranks with some representing 30 other countries including Australia , Canada , Mexico , countries in Africa , Europe and others .
Yes , Red Hatters matter and have come to stay . RHS as they are simply called, are dedicated to reshaping the way women approaching 50 and beyond are viewed in today,s culture .
The freedom from role obligations , provides an opportunity for 1 Self expression 2 Loss of inhibitions . They promote the goodness of play in the lives of older women .
They encourage their members not to remain stocked on aging the way society dictates on them following the belief of "aging gracefully" held today .
They take care of themselves and love ones as they have fun together .
Fun , friendship , freedom , fulfillment and fitness for a healthy , and life -lengthening lifestyles motivate them .
Many say their health problems are easy to cope with since they joined the group .
Walking around in groups , shopping together in friendship and the physical exercise of walking in it helps with health issues like high blood pressure, obesity ,diabetes and other chronic degenerative diseases that may begin to manifest at age 50 .
Red Hat society offers a community for women to connect through exercises , services and social events , and instills in them a renewed sense of pride , confidence and optimism . They are optimistic in their belief of refining the traditional notions of aging . You can get more information from their website at
Dr Thompson Akwo Ntuba

Fire rescue International is holding it,s annual conference 2016 in the Gonzales B convention center down Town San Antonio Texas USA . Thousands of participants are benefiting from sessions which include health care and wellness of the fire fighters .More on their website at
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

American veterinary medical association discuss global health issues at 2016 convention .

The American veterinary medical association [AVMA ] held an all day GLOBAL HEALTH SUMMIT , on Sunday the 7th of July 2016 as part of it,s 2016 convention activities at the Gonzales B convention center down town San Antonio .
Speakers were drawn from academia [Dr Innocent Rwego and Dr Dominic Travis , both from university of Minnesota ], Dr Gary Vroegindewey,Lincoln Memorial University , Dr Dennis Carroll[USAID] , Dr Eddy Rubbin [Metabiota, chief Science officer ], Dr Terry Wollen , Dr Garry Parker , Major [Dr] Mathew Levine . The discussions included health security in the 21st century ; Humans , animals and their interfaces. The global health security agenda , preparing and preventing the next pandemic ; a view from the front line , the global virome project ;How we can end the pandemic Era . Global veterinary engagement ; A paradigm shift from treatment delivery to building system capacity .
After the two keynote presentations by Drs Eddy Rubin and Gerry Parker and the others for the day , the speakers then did an Audience interactive panel discussions .
The participants learned that threats to humans and animals is real from both natural and human causes .
Addressing these challenges requires collective and integrative strategies and programming . They underscored the need to involve all stakeholders , especially those at community levels affected by the diseases and pandemics.
The one health approach to most of these problems was discussed .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

American veterinary medical association honors army corps and others .

The American veterinary medical association held a Luncheon on Saturday the 6th of July 2016
as part of it,s ongoing national convention taking place at the Gonzales B convention center down town San Antonio Texas .
The leadership of the organization honored the army corps members who are celebrating 100 years of service .
Others were also honored for life long service to the profession before Dr Dan Siegel was brought in as the keynote speaker , and spoke on "How understanding the mind and cultivating mindsight supports your well-being" .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

Hillary Clinton on Thursday the 28th of July made history as the first famale to accept the nomination as presidential candidate of a major political party at the Wells Fargo arena in Philadelphia .
In her acceptance speech , she thanked her family for being with her through good and bad times .
She also said president Barack Obama and Joe Biden , the vice president were not getting more credit as they should for the work they have done so far , by getting the USA out of one of the worst economic melt down in USA history .
She denounced Mr Donald Trump for disrespecting American military leadership by saying he claims he knows more than them , citing the open disrespect for senator JoHn Mccain .
She responded to the statements of Mr Donald Trump , that he made saying , he will fix American problems , by saying that is un-American . She believes that over the years America has done very well by working together .
She gave a number of strategies which she will use to make America greater at home and in foreign affairs .
Dr Akwo , Thompso Ntuba

President Barack Obama has set the stage for Mrs Hillary Clinton to take the Baton of leadership of the democratic party as nominee of the 2016 presidential campaign .
All is set as she takes the stage today to make her case to the American people .
Dr Akwo , Thompson Ntuba

Leaders of DNC and Clinton Campaign team gives last DNC 2016 briefing

April Mellody , Jennifer Palmieri, Marlon Marshall, Brian Fallon and Robby Mook campaign manager , summarized the highlights of the democratic national convention 2916 taking place in Philadelphia . They responded to questions of Mr Donald Trump calling Russia and China to come interfere in USA internal affairs , mentioning the statements of Leon Panetta and other security leaders of the country who spoke on day three of the convention at the WELLS FARGO arena .
The speech of president Obama was mentioned , especially as he said Hillary Clinton is the most qualified person in the history of the USA to seek the position of president .
The vice presidential candidate for Hillary Clinton Senator Tim Kaine made his case in the night of the third day , introducing himself to the Country .
All is set as Hillary Clinton makes history today the 28th of July 2016 , accepting the nomination of the democratic party.
Dr Akwo, Thompson Ntuba

Fallon, Podesta and Sullivan on the way forward following line up of speakers for day three of RNC 16.

Brian Fallon, press secretary Hillary for America , John Podesta Chair, and Jake Sullivan foreign policy advisor jointly addressed press at the third daily briefing of the democratic national convention taking place in Philadelphia the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection .
They worried about reliable information accusing Russians in the hacking and publishing emails communications and messages of the DNC . The foreign policy advisor said Mr Clinton looks at the hacking as a national security issue and wonders why Russians are meddling in the internal affairs of Americans .
They all said , president Obama , vice president Joe Biden and running mate senator Tim Kaine will all be addressing the delegates tonight at the WELLS FARGO arena .
Dr Thompson Akwo Ntuba

Faith based leaders attend democratic national convention 2016

Dr Rev Betty Deas Clark , first woman appointed pastor of Mother Emmanuel African methodist Episcopal church in Charleston South Carolina attended the democratic national convention 2016 in Philadelphia , taking part at the faith council discussions as member of the panel . She discussed how her visit to Orlando Florida after the shooting at the gay night club that resulted in the death of tens of Americans affected her emotionally , in the mutual love that was shared .
She spoke with Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba on a number of issues ranging from how she was appointed the first pastor of her church and transferred to another one five months later .
Who really should be engaged in her gun control work with the Brady commission on gun control , knowing all races can legally carry guns .
How the healing her congregation found after the shooting of 8 of it,s members by Dylan R.

Youths, [millenials] discussed the issues of 2016 USA presidential elections at DNC .

Thousands of youths , many who call them selves millenials have participated at the DNC 2016 In Philadelphia USA, doing pannel discussions , interviews and floor activites at the main WELLS FARGO arena . The differences between the plat form of the democrats and republicans are known to them . Some understand that the are differences between Mr Donald tRUMP and senator Sanders , though Trump supports Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton and would have preferred Senator Sanders to be the democratic nominee and not Mrs Hillay Clinton . Dr Ntuba , Thompson Akwo

International hiv/aids conference in Durban South Africa ended in a positive note .

The international hiv/aids conference in Durban South Africa has come to an end after almost a week of presentations which included posters , workshops , plenaries and global village . The world congress of churches did a pre-conference which addressed sigma , love and compassionate care .

Issues of democratic national convention addressed at press conference .

Members of press and or media gathered in the Philadelphia convention at 9,30am on Tuesday 26th july 2016 for the second daily press briefing with the head of communication Hillary Clinton presidential campaign . Members of the media wanted to know what strategies she was putting in place to defeat the republican candidate a Mr Donald Trump in november. The issue of unity with the supporters of senator Bernie Sanders were also addressed .
Answers were given on the campaign was engaging Asian Americans . The press wanted to know if senator BERNIE SANDERS will be nominating Mrs Clinton on the floor today as she did almost 8years ago with then senator Obama .
Dr Akwo , Thompson Ntuba

Addiction addressed in democratic national convention Philadelphia 2016 .

A number of caucus groups are holding meetings in Philadelphia today Tueasday the 26th of JULY 2016 as part of activities hosted in the convention. The caucus for addiction solutions hosted by Facing addiction, at the 1501 Cherry street, Philadelphia , race street room.
This is a special event where convention delegates, special quests, addiction experts and individuals impacted by addiction nand recovery focus on making addiction solutions a national priority.
They also have a RECOVERY AND WELLNESS ROOMS at the convention center .
Dr Ntuna Thompson Akwo

Black voter empowerment campaign round table at DNC 2016

Leaders of the black community at the democratic national convention 2016 held a round table at the Philadelphia convention center under the Theme " UNITY 16,BLACK VOTER EMPOWERMENT CAMPAIGN . Speakers included the president national president and c.e.o of the national association of the advancement of colored people , who in his remarks , noted the importance of the" black vote ". He said any candidate who has won the presidential elections lately has done a good job of bringing out blacks to the voting booths . He made reference to the present pledge that NAACP has produced titled , Protect and preserve our lives and pledge .Requiring commitment to working to bringing about certain reforms including 1 No funding for discriminatory law enforcement 2 Effective investigation of law enforcement agencies 3 Full data reporting 4 Minimum standards on the use of force 5 Independent review of police shootings . Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo

Senator Sanders and supporters will vote for Hillary if he looses on the floor .

The democratic national convention 2016 in Philadelphia USA has first lady Michelle Obama and Senator Bernie sanders as the main speakers lined up for the night . Senators Bernie Sanders made a speech to the Bernie supporters and delegates as they called them selves in the morning of the monday 25th the first day of the convention . He spoke about the progress they make collectively , and the successes they had , knowing what the pundits had predicted for them from the start . He told his supporters to work to defeat M r Donald Trump . The editor of health and development spoke to a number of those Bernie delegates after the sppech as shown on the attached video recorded .
Majority of them pledged to vote for Mrs Clinton after the floor vote by delegates on Tuesday the 26th , the second day of the convention . One of the elderly ladies who spoke said she is on Medicaid , a diabetic and the democrats are the best for her . Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

The democratic national convention is set to begin monday the 25th at the WELLS FARGO center Philadelphia . Mrs Hillary Clinton the presumptive nominee who has selected senator Tim Kaine former governor of Virginia as her vice presidential running mate will be making history as the first woman in the history of American politics when she accepts the nomination .
A line up of eminent persons within the democratic party will be addressing the convention , including president Barack Obama , vice president Joe Biden , former president Bill Clinton , first lady Micheal Obama , senate minority leader Harry Reid of Nevada , house minority leader Pelosi and others . The tentative plat form of the party is ready to be presented and voted at the DNC .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba

Trump supporters all out amidst massive city protests .

Republican nominee Donald Trump must be feeling pretty good with himself , after massive turn out of supporters as if to drown the voices of protesters mostly gathered during the day at the Public square down town Cleveland Ohio where the republican national convention is taking place . During the third night of the convention program , governor Mike Pence , the vice presidential nominee accepted the honor given him by Trump and confirmed by the delegates . Other speakers who spoke are , senatorCrux , who instead of endorsing Trump , told the delegates to vote their conscience , governor Scott of Wisconsin who said ' America deserves better than Hillary Clinton and Newt Gingrich . DR AKWO THOMPSON NTUBA

The republican national convention is holding in the city of Cleveland Ohio . On day two , 20th of july 2016 , by 6.00am the delegates had gathered for casting of their votes , during which time , Mr Donald Trump had 1,725, passing the crossing the threshold of 1237 required to win the nomination . H e was followed by Senator Ted Cruz who had 484 delegates votes , governor John Kasisch 125 , senator Maco Rubio , 136, Dr Ben Carson 7, Former governor Jeb Bush 3, Rand Paul 2 and 3 for abstaining .
During the night of day two a number of speakers were lined up including congress leader Paul Ryan , Mich MccConnel , senate president , Governor Chris Christy , the Trump children including Trump Junior and Dr Benny Carson . Most of the speakers for the night praised the GOP nominee while attacking the former sectary of state Hillary Clinton , democratic presumptive nominee . Dr Akwo , Thompson Ntuba

AANP and Veteran leaders defend Va Nurse practitioners practice Bill.

The American association of nurse practitioners held a press conference on Thursday the 23th of june 2016 at the Gonzalez B convention center down San Antonio during their annual conference , partnering with Veteran leaders , defending and making a statement to support the current proposal by the veterans administration to open fully , the practice of nurse practitioners within the Va health system . DR Cork , president of the AANP opened the press conference , acknowledging the presence of the Veterans in the room , after which she made a strong case on behalf of her Nurse practitioners and the veterans who she believed will benefit from passage of the new proposal as shown on the video . DR Rossiter wants the veterans who are having care out of the VA system to be brought back through that proposal , while Enrigue Martin simply said , " no veteran should go without care '. Major general kenan believes the will be room for all doctors in the VA system , even after the proposal is passed , because of shortages Dr Elizabeth Barker , US navy captain retired also spoke in favor of passing the proposal . DR Akwo Thompson Ntuba

American association of nurse practitioners holds annual meeting 2016 at the Gonzales B convention center , down town San Antonio . Registration online at . Follow discussion with hashtag #AANP16 . DR AKWO THOMPSON NTUBA

Healthy Texas , a plat form resolution of democratic party of Texas in it,s 2016 San Antonio convention

The democratic party of Texas held it,s 2016 convention from the 16-18th of June in the Alamodome of San Antonio Texas . Under the convention chair of Hon , congress man Joaquin Castro . Healthy Texas was one of the three resolutions which came from the platform committee read by it,s chair and adopted unanimously by the delegates . The others are Equality and freedom and Smart government . The healthy Texas resolution affirms health care as a human right , affordable , accessible and available to all . DR NTUBA , THOMPSON AKWO

Director general of WHO state of the organization address at WHA69.

DR CHAN , the director general of WHO has given the state of the organisation address during the 69th world health assembly holding in Geneva Switzerland from 22-28 MAY 2016 . She gave statistics showing the successes and progress of the association . The gains in the reduction of global maternal and child mortalities and others whcih to her called for celebrations . She also listed the challenges while requesting the delegates representing the member governments to go follow through with the intended reforms . .
Media credit s to WHO . DR AKWO THOMPSON NTUBA

69th world health Assembly , the governing and policy body of the world health organization holds in Switzerland from the 23-28 of may 2016. The discussions will be in committees and plenaries

, where the committee reports are discussed and voted . The
will be three life streams of 45minutes each during the duration
of the conference , so that those who cannot physically attend
will be able to ask questions through twitter . The assembly
elects the director general , discuss and makes policy decisions
for the world health organization . Representatives of all the member states participates in the assembly . For more reporting on the 69TH WHA assembly , follow our news page , especialy the development and health systems. Join the discussions with the hashtag #WHA2016 . DR AKWO , THOMPSON NTUBA

Infection control , Reducing antibiotic overuse by joint commission .

Joint commission resources quality and safety network on may 11, 2016 tapped the videoconference , Infection control , Reducing antibiotic overuse ", at the Gonzales B convention center down town San Antonio Texas . The full program will be aired in their patient channel in the weeks ahead . DR AKWO , THOMPSON NTUBA

Lone star regional girls volley ball 2016at Houston convention center

The lone star regional girls volley ball tournamen took place at the convention center down town Houston Texas , with many teams taking part including the Alamo . We talked with many parents who accompanied their children to the competitions on the health and other benefits of involvement . Their responses included health benefits for the girls , learning team work by membership in the teams . The physical fitness and endurance . The were parents who said , involvement help many of the girls postpone early pregnancy through the discipline they get from involvement and staying away from idleness. Some belief that many of their children benefit from scholarships from ivy league colleges because of involvement and recommend other parents to encourage their girls to participate . DR NTUBA , THOMPSON AKWO

Cleveland clinic Las Vegas Lou Ruovo center of excellence for brian health .

The Cleveland clinics in Las Vegas recently had DR JAHRAM KRISHNAN , perform the first successful complex robotic urology surgery in Nevada in 2016. DR THOMPSON AKWO NTUBA

Association of united states army [AUSA ] holds annual meeting 2015 .

The army surgeon general Hororo ,and the medical corps will be participating in this years AUSA 2015 october 12-14th, taking place at the Walter Washington convention center down town Washington DC . The USA army is involved in global health work like the recent west Africa Ebola out break besides the many emergencies around the world that they address. Participants in this annual meeting come from the USA, Canda , Europe , Asia and Africa and South America .

President Obama at CHCI 2015 award gala .

The president of the united states of America Barack Obama addressed the closing award
gala of the congressional Hispanic caucus institute , saying among other things , that the Hispanic community has registered four million new insurrance clients , reducing unemployment from 13 to 6.4 and promising to continue working to pass comprehensive immigration reform. He spoke after former sect Hilary Clinton who used the Spanish word " BASTA " , translated in english as" stop " to condemn those who say latino immigrants who come here are criminals , rapists and people who make" anchor babies ". The CHCI is one of the most important gathering of Hispanic leaders and members , looking for solutions to problems of that community .


CHCI ,2015 . Health disparities in Hispanic communities .

Unite to face addiction 2015 annaul event , USA .

National Unite to face against addiction 2015 annual event took place on the 10/04/2015 at the Washington DC memorial grounds adjacent to the white house , with addresses from president Obama , and Surgeon General Vivex who also took the opportunity to announce the coming in the nearest future the first ever Surgeon general report on the state of addiction in the USA

President Obama to key note the phoenix awards of the 45th congressional black caucus foundation conference at the Walter Wilson Convention center Washington DC at 6.00PM on saturday 19 of september 2015.

45th congressional black caucus foundation conference.

Congressional black caucus 45th annual legislative conference . Register at

45th annaul congressional black caucus legislative conference . Register at


Research America had it,s 2015 National Health research forum on the 10th of September 2015 at the Newseum [Knight conference center ] . Follow the discussions using #RAFORUM 15 and life streaqm of the sessions

The DC community of the united states successfully hosted it,s june 2015 race for the cure of Pancreatic cancer , raising almost $ the process .

Many health topics will be presented during these meetings . Some of them are , Mindfulness meditation by Monica Dorhoi, Bioregional Herbalism by HollyPoole-Kavana ,Hemp is hip not hippie by Linda Booker , the amazing health benefits of infrared by Bonnie Casazza besides many sessions on yoga .Healthndevelopment magazine will report on these in our environment page. Visit www.GREENFESTIVALS.ORG for the june 2015 Washington DC USA event .

Director of UNAIDS Michel Sidibe on the first of june 2015 presented a trophe and a certificate ,awarding Mrs Chantal Biya wife of the president of Cameroon the honor of special ambassador for UNAIDS in recognition of her work in the fight against hiv/aids in Africa spanning two decades .

President Buhari of Nigeria takes oath of office may 29th 2015 and promises to address myriad of problems including climate change and communicable diseases .

DR GRACE ELTER ,MD chair of the digestive disease week council has moderated a panel summarizing the major discussions and abstract presentations during digestive disease 2015. Other members are , Marc Ghany ,MD, Donald Campbell ,MD , John Vargo ,MD and KMarie Reid Lombardo ,MD . The press conference had the discussions under the following headings 1 New treatments 2 Policy 3 New technology and public health . They jointly answered the questions of the press .

The biggest gastrointestinal and liver disease conference in the world taking place in Washington DC, at the Walter Washington convention center from (16-18) th of may 2015.
Participants will include physicians , scientists and Surgeons in the GI field .
Registration for the annual meeting for 2015 is done at

Health and human services secre

The theme for 2014 is ;

"Reducing health disparity through sustaining and strenthening healthy communities .

Venue is the Westin long beach California USA.

5th-8th November 2014


The theme for 2014 is ;

"Reducing health disparity through sustaining and strenthening healthy communities .

Venue is the Westin long beach California USA.

5th-8th November 2014


American association of nurse practitioners holds 2016 annual conference in San Antonio Texas from the 21st to the 26th of june 2016 . The association benefits members in multiple ways including being the advocacy voice , running professional meetings like the annual meetings with continuing education units given for purposes of re-certification and others. Net working opportunity are provided during the annual meeting . conference . Folow discussion on with hashtag #AANP DR AKWO THOMPSON NTUBA