American optometry association 2017 annual meeting marathon race in Virginia .

NAACP 2017 convention attendees work out early morning before the daily sessions .

Exercise&fitness at NAACP 2017 convention Baltimore MD

Cameroon vs Autralia confederation cup 2017 ends in 1-1 draw.

Secret squirrel scramble go nuts 5K run San Antonio 2016

The second annual secret squirrel scramble 5K and fun run took place in San antonion Texas on the 4th of june 2016 , running from the Ingram trial head to the cathedral rock park . Participants included men , women , girls and boys who collected prizes and awards at the end of the event . This was organized by the the Alamo chapter of the military intelligence corps association [MICA] , a national non profit with the primarily goal of supporting the military intelligence corps , their families and members . The funds raised in the run go to MICA . DR AKWO THOMPSON NTUBA

Lone star regional girls volley ball 2016at Houston convention center

The lone star girls volley ball tournament 2016 took place at the convention center down town Houston . DR NTUBA , THOMPSON AKWO


Vice president of FIFA Cameroon,s Issa Hayatou presents the female world cup trophy 2015 to the united states female team .

Zumba dancing featured during the race for cure brain tumor 2015 Washington DC with all the health benefits that goes with it .

Race for the cure of brain tumor in Washington DC 3rd of may 2015

Health benefits of Ice skating include 1 Cardiovascular health improvement , contributing in lovering arterosclerosis 2 Improves endurance , enhancing mental fitness 3 Weight loss as this low impact exercise contributes in the loss of about 300 calories per hour of activities . 4 Stress reduction as a means of relaxation in the open among friends and or family . 5 Improvement in overall health , by haing positive effects on the immune system thereby preventing diseases . DR AKWO , THOMPSON NTUBA

Mr Thomas Drescher Tennis player and sports coach to the youths gave some reasons why he plays tennis , which is the commonest sports after soccer . The benefits of playing tennis are broadly divided into social and health . The social benefits include being with friends, enjoying the open . Research shows that those who play tennis have a better out look in life . More sociable in terms of personality . His shape and that of his fellow player attest to the effects of tennis on his body . Tennis has been documented to improve aerobic and anaerobic metabolism . The is increase use of the oxygen by the lungs and expulsion of carbon dioxide . The muscles build more capillaries which increase blood flow and use of oxygen by the muscles . He believes that the is a lot of health benefits accumulated which will serve him well while aging . Research has shown that tennis play as a sport over medium and long run help improve the immune system , helping with health problems like flu , high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases . His only regret is that he feels sore after play . The health benefits of tennis play indeed are many . You can start at any age to benefit .